Introducing The BookSweeps Book Giveaway Calendar

By most measures, 2017 was a good year for Team Zee… but it didn’t really feel that way.

Revenue increased. Our team grew in size (from 2 – 4). Our BookSweeps promotions generated more subscribers on average for authors than they have before.

But personally, it felt kind of disappointing.

There were too many projects that didn’t go anywhere, or never got off the ground.

We’re going to deliver more value than we have before – and that starts with what I’m excited to share with you today.

The BookSweeps Book Giveaway Calendar 

To kick off the year, we are working hard to introduce the world’s first all-inclusive hub of online book giveaways for readers on the web.

Whether your giveaway is geared toward list-building, comments, or general reader engagement, whether it’s hosted on your own website, a group blog, or Facebook, BookFunnel, InstaFreebie… It doesn’t matter!

You can add it to the calendar for readers to discover and enjoy, wherever they may live.

Readers will be able to filter and search for events by genre, date, type of prize, type of giveaway, organizer, host site, international eligibility, and more.

Best of all, basic submissions will be free, and the calendar will be shared with BookSweeps’ 150,000+ reader base. We also plan to send traffic to the calendar via continuous ad campaigns.

To start, here’s how we envision the Book Giveaway Calendar will work:

1) Authors, publishers, and other giveaway organizers submit their events.

2) Our team reviews the listing to ensure the promotion complies with our basic terms. (Giveaway organizers will be able to skip the review process for a fee.)

3) Once approved, the listing will be added for readers to find from across the web.

4) Each promotional listing will have its own event page on BookSweeps with additional details.

5) Giveaway organizers will be able to edit their submissions at any time from their BookSweeps dashboard to modify details as needed.

6) We send ads and subscriber traffic to the calendar, helping you generate reader eyeballs for your online book giveaways and events!

7) We will also have select advertising options to start, including the ability to highlight your promotion as one of our “Featured Giveaways” of the week.

Excited about this? Me too!

You can see a demo of a central listing page here:

What’s Coming Next

We will be opening it up to our existing BookSweeps’ customers first, and then to the author and publishing community at large shortly thereafter.

We have a lot more planned, and I’m excited to share upcoming features and additional functionality as we move forward in 2018!

Questions & Answers

What is the BookSweeps Giveaway Calendar?

Simply put, we are creating the ultimate database for readers to find book giveaways and other reader-centered events on the web.

That’s right: not just our own BookSweeps giveaways – any giveaway hosted anywhere (as long as they meet certain minimum requirements).

Just about anything: group list-building giveaways, individual author giveaways, Facebook Parties, Amazon & BookBub follower promos, quizzes, etc.

This includes giveaways hosted on author websites, blogs, as well as InstaFreebie, BookFunnel, Goodreads, and other popular sites for readers.

What restrictions will there be?

All promotions must include book-related prizes. Promotions with cash only prizes will not be included. 

We also reserve the right to reject any submission that does not comply with relevant laws.

How will this help me?

Readers love book giveaways – and authors love when readers engage with their promotions. (Duh!)

To help authors and publishers generate reader eyeballs, email sign-ups, follows, likes, and more, we plan to run ads to the Calendar continuously, using custom advertising audiences we have cultivated since 2016 via our own BookSweeps promotions.

In sum, we’re excited to provide a new way for authors, publishers, and other giveaway organizers to promote their online events.

How much will this cost?

Since we want as many authors and publishers to use the database as possible, basic submissions will be free. We will have information on pricing options for other submission types in advance of the launch.

How can I become involved?

We plan to open calendar submissions to existing BookSweeps’ customers in Jan / Feb 2018, before opening it widely to all authors shortly afterwards.

What do you think? Have any suggestions, questions, ideas?

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75 thoughts on “Introducing The BookSweeps Book Giveaway Calendar”

  1. This sounds almost too good to be true, Ryan, but being totally satisfied with how you helped me build my email list, I’m excited to see how this comes off. Having Amazon giveaways works for me!

    1. Absolutely! This is just an add-on service we’re excited to offer this year. It won’t impact our regular promotions.

    1. I hope so! It depends on how quickly our development team finishes up the project. But we are pushing to get this live asap.

    1. Definitely! We’ll have materials available that authors, publishers, and other giveaway organizers can use to share it with readers.

  2. I like the idea of a hub with spokes on a wheel. I believe readers will LOVE this idea that more than 1 or 2 people can ‘win’ the prize. I believe this will increase reader participation for all of us, as a result. I’m excited!

  3. Hi, Ryan. Would this also include Amazon Giveaways for a book? I often use Amazon Giveaways to give away a book in my newsletter. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing how all this plays out.

  4. I like the idea, Ryan, but will you have a basic promo that we can copy and paste in an email and a newsletter? Something that explains it to recipients who have no idea about your giveaways? Some email friends, even newsletter recipients, might be leery about how valid it is and how it works.

    What about Ebook giveaways? Can they be included, or must it be print books sent to winners by snail mail?

    1. Hey Bonnie: Yes, ebook giveaways are absolutely included!

      We are currently in the process of completely redesigning and overhauling the BookSweeps site to provide information about our contests and how everything works — the changes will be done in advance of the launch. We’ll have sample contests available, as well.

      Thanks for your interest, and hope that answers your question!

  5. Wow, this sounds like a great idea! Excited to hear the details–especially about what a “basic submission” is as compared to a submission that would require a fee. But thanks for this, Ryan and Happy New Year! 🙂

    1. Hey Kathryn, there will be no restrictions on length — in fact, we will include a filter so that readers who especially enjoy novellas and short fiction can find those kinds of books / promos more easily!

  6. This is great! When you note “as long as they meet certain minimum requirements,” do you mean the giveaway must have a certain number of books?

    1. Thanks! No, just that it follows the above: “All promotions must include book-related prizes. Promotions with cash only prizes will not be included. We also reserve the right to reject any submission that does not comply with relevant laws.”

      We just want to make sure it’s an environment FOR readers, not for *anyone* interested in winning a prize.

  7. Quick question: I’m running a preorder contest for my new release coming out on January 23rd. If you preorder “Flames of Love” on any storefront and fill out a Typeform form with the info, then you get entered to win (the prizes being a Nook, signed paperbacks, a gift card, some beauty products, etc). This is probably happening too quickly for me to be able to submit this particular contest to your database, but in the future, would this sort of contest be allowed? Thanks!

  8. Awesome idea! I use King Sumo for give aways on my blog, especially for my nonfiction, so this could open up things for me on that side of the writer-icity equation. Had great luck with fiction promos with y’all, so this has got to be good.

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