Let me guess: You’re a high-achiever with big-time goals. You’re committed to making a career out of writing (or maybe you already have) — and living your dream to the fullest.

Chances are you already have most (or all) of these skills locked down:

  • How to write fluid, skillful, grammatically correct sentences
  • How to produce engaging dialogue that rings true to life
  • How to structure entertaining plots with elegant story arcs
  • How to develop realistic, emotionally resonant, three-dimensional characters
  • How to create and kill off characters based on folks you hated in high school

(Okay, that last one is maybe a little harsh — but it’s true!)

But there’s this one 9-letter word that, as soon as you hear it, throws you into a panic.

The One Word That Must Not be Named...

If you're like most authors, the "M" word is the stuff of nightmares.

You wanted to be an author — not an ad man (or woman).

You wanted to tell stories — not sell them.

You wanted to plan book parties — not book launches.

But you also know  you can’t have one without the other. Whether you’re traditionally or independently published, if you’re going to have a successful career in today’s publishing  world, you’re going to need to develop some skill for marketing (or hire people who do).

That’s just the truth.

But Here's the thing: Marketing doesn't need to be scary

When I started working with authors in 2014, I felt like a lot of my clients: when it came to marketing, I had no clue what I was doing.

I didn’t have a background in marketing. I didn’t grow up in a family of authors or publishing pros. I just had a passion for reading, and a desire to be of service to the folks I admired most.

So, I apprenticed myself at some of the leading literary agencies in New York, and each night after work I dedicated an hour or two to developing a new skill:

  • Email marketing (we now manage a list of ~100,000 subscribers)
  • Facebook advertising (I’ve run numerous successful author campaigns)
  • WordPress website development (I built this site myself)
  • Copywriting, search engine optimization, graphic design… the list goes on.

I didn’t try to learn everything at once. I picked a topic, found online resources and courses that could help me, and gradually began to improve. I experimented, honed the skills that I enjoyed AND helped me achieve my goals, and I ditched the rest. (Sorry, Twitter.)

Since going out on my own in 2015, that effort continues to pay off: I’ve been fortunate to work with nearly 4,000 authors both as a consultant and through BookSweeps, my book giveaway and lead generation platform, building a life and a business I can be proud of.

If I can make sense of marketing, with my degrees in English and Philosophy, I have full confidence that you can do the same.

Can I help you overcome overwhelm?

Together with my team, I focus on helping ambitious, entrepreneurial authors like you discover solutions to some of the more challenging issues authors face, by making complex problems (like discovering readers for your books) manageable and achievable.

Through personalized coaching, the BookSweeps platform, MyBookEvents (coming soon), and more, we provide professional authors with innovative, practical solutions that help you ditch overwhelm for optimism — providing a path forward for marketing success. 

What We Can Do For You

Let's Put it in Action

Everything I’ve built has come from my relationships with authors like you. Every resource is designed to help you ditch the headache of marketing on your own and achieve lasting success in your publishing career.

While I aspire to write a book of my own one day soon, I hope my story inspires you to realize you can achieve your own marketing success. All it takes is a willingness to learn and put in the effort to improve, little by little, day after day.

When you join my email list below, I’ll send you my guide to five of my favorite time-saving resources for authors to help kickstart your book marketing journey.


Ryan Zee

Ryan Zee

Helping authors slay their marketing demons since 2014

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